The Origin of Luxury

RF Jewels originates in Italy, land of solid knowledge and ancient crafts, an exciting new venture based on decades of experience, always aiming at the ideal equilibrium between innovation and craftmanship.
In a charming studio-workshop among the heart of Rome, they forge creations of rare beauty, which are the fruits of research and labour connecting ancient traditions and the minimalist avant-garde.

Chia siamo piuma

“A Handcrafted History”

The world knows and appreciates RF Jewels for a precise reason: its rare pearls and the techniques of engraving with gold, diamonds and other precious stones. An exclusive process, capable of transforming luxury precious items into unique pieces that give new luster to Made in Italy.
In all of RF Jewels’s creations, the scrupulous attention to detail, used only by the most esteemed craftsmen, encounters Italian style and its innate taste for beauty.
The result is a design piece that thrives and changes over time, just like the priceless nature that constitutes it.